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Henriette Blakstad

Art. and manag director for

HenBlakstad Productions

Artistic research and practice:

How, and in what way do you proceed, develop, interact and systemize your work in the processes of collective artforms as performative art, and theatre when the answer occurs before the question?

The question is in relation to compositional methods and developments within devising and interdisciplinary theatre.


This question is the pin point of all of HenBlakstads developments of new art pieces for stage, site- specific and immersive theatre.


Following is a conversation with H. Blakstad reflecting on what triggers, excites and affects her work at the current moment.

Part of the process:

In my profession as an independent, interdisciplinary artist in the field of performative art I have discussions, rigorously positive conflicts with the purpose to achieve movement and developments. A desire to investigate, to research, and reveal new treasures through coalitions with talented colleagues. As a team, and in a long-term relationship with my own thinking. To be outgoing and introverted in a wonderful mix, play and let go.

Henriette, me in conversations with I, a work in progress…


Theme: Who and why art?


What captures?

What desperations can do to people. Appearance through desperation. Story through desperation. The physicality of desperation, sound, temperature, actions, aim etc... The need to, through desperation and the importance of need.


As part of my toolkit:

The fight to simplify and pinpoint through endless defragmentation´s, to find essence.

Awareness of:




To understand the impact, and work with how to use these tools in my work in an intelligent way, with courage and with care.

Composition and nature, performative art equals nature.

Which frames do you navigate within?

Force, active- also in stillness










What connects me as an artist in coalition with the audience?

Movement of space, to push space physically in an instrumental awareness that tickles the audience and hits back in interaction. An affectionately relation, and also manipulation initiated by the performer. A relation through sensibility, physicality, the use of space.

The use of space through spatial relationship as, -architecture, -materials, -objects, -humans. Through sound, tonality, voice, text, lights, composition, temperature and awareness of the whole construction in the interactive performative space. As a zero point that embraces it all, -the story that needs to be told.

What hits me as important?

To dear, independence, a huge heart, be close, give distance, able to love, be fragile- to undress and master to protect and avoid destruction. To include, give and enjoy what may come back. Be groovy. Be a bird, able to watch from a distance, see, understand and reflect in several layers. Understand that life is not fair. The beauty is in the details. Be aware and awake of the structures that occurs in micro and macro perspectives.


The search for flow:

To search through the consciousness of the will, and the magic of fantasy, fiction and realism in a subconscious release. The necessity of sleep and rest to function and be aware, awake and able to listen.

The flow exists in the moment, in listening, in the touch, in nature, in interaction, to let go and work towards a direction in a blend. To allow.  To embrace both good and evil.


What fragments hit you at the moment?

Construction, to tear down, dig in the ground, build a roof, scaffold what may and I believe shall come, change of temperature, be in the elements, to feel and give uncensored love.


My culture...

            Norsewoman, strength, madness, nature, art, loneliness and interaction.


My name...

            Henriette, Hen, Hendi (Regine Victoria Mathilde Blakstad)


My history...

Is an underlying secret that pushed darkness to the surface and gave me the knowledge of pure light from deep within. Obstacles, contrasts, heredity and environment.

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