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Henriette Blakstad (she/them, Norway)

​Artistic director for HenBlakstad (2011- ) with more than 30 years of experience within the interdisciplinary and contemporary theatre.

When developing concepts she involves herself in search for non binary, multi universes as an actor, director and costume designer handling text, voice and movement in close relation to sound and set design. As an artist and educator Henriette immerses herself within highly visual, physical, experimental and compositional methods influenced by Mary Overlie, The Viewpoints, Zygmunt Molik, Matthew Barney, Gaga, Artaud to mention some.

HenBlakstad has produced and performed in Norway, Beijing, Guangzhou, Singapore and Copenhagen.

In the timegap 2022- 25 her focus is on developing, and she has developed:
- “The Bird Ladies'', an interactive shadow installation placed in a dehumanised dystopian environment. Made by HenBlakstad, Animalske and Guri Guri Henriksen. Curated by SixtyEight Art Institute/Heidi Hart Ph.D. (DK/US), Copenhagen 2022.
- “All This and More”, is a global participatory site specific performance event involving 50 performers. Theme: By 2050 there will be 1.5 billion climate refugees seeking shelter in the world. Made by The Necessary space/Simon Sharkey (UK) and co- prod. by HenBlakstad. Curated by ITAC6/ SEANSE (NO), Oslo 2022.
- "ALL IS QUILTED"- a podcast, by and with HenBlakstad, dramturg Line Rosvoll, sounddesign Thomas Hildebrand in collaboration with ROBIN- a platform exploring queer performative art practices across disciplines (NO), 2023.
- “MAXINE LOVE- Under the surface/between the layers'', new written text for stage in co- prod. with STUDIUM ACTORIS (NO) 2023-25.

Henriette Blakstad has a long work relationship as an performer with Nasjonalmuseet, Unge Viken, Grusomhetens Teater, Teater Corpus, Studium Actoris, Tiril Pharo, Guri Guri Henriksen, SEANSE, Animalske Produksjoner, Marius Kolbenstvedt and Merete Morken Andersen (NO), touring Norway, UK, India, Iran, Japan and Denmark.

Henriette works as a theatre educator, assistant professor with professional artists at colleges, universities and academies. Henriette has in-depth knowledge as an educator in contemporary theatre, composition work mentioning methods as:
The Viewpoints (USA) composition and improvisation work , Gaga (Israeli) movement work, Gyrotonic (USA) yoga, martial arts and dance work, Zygmunt Molik (Grotowski, Polish) and Suzuki method for actors (Japanese), the last two are physical voice training.

From 2010-22 she has educated herself within The Viewpoints with Anne Bogart and SITI- Company and Wendell Beavers/Mary Overlie (NY/US) with several workshops in USA, Italy and Norway.
Her education is from KHiO- Oslo National Academy of the Arts- The academy of Theatre with a Post Certificate in Education, Kristiania University College- The academy of Acting in Oslo, and KHiO- Oslo National Academy of the Arts; The academy of Dance (BA), (NO).

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